Tidal Force

We're proud to be Concord High School's official FIRST Robotics Team. We've been inspiring students to be successful, and giving them the confidence and real-life experience for the jobs of the future since 2006.

Who are we?

Tidal Force is Concord High School's very own FIRST Robotics Competition team. We are directly affiliated with the school as an afterschool activity and compete as part of the FRC New England district.

But we're about a lot more than just robots. We are a community of students, teachers and engineers who want to see positive improvement in the world. We work to get students not only college and career ready, but also teach students how to be good, respectful, gracious and professional adults. With focuses on volunteering, outreach and business as well as robots, we help to create a well-rounded future.

What is FIRST?

FIRST For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology was founded by Dean Kamen and Woodie Flowers in 1989, and primarily serves to get kids excited about engineering and technology.

FIRST encourages students to be kind and professional both on and off the field, and rewards students and teams for helping their community, fellow teams, and eachother to succeed. FIRST promotes students to become passionate hard-working individuals while spreading the values of FIRST itself - inspiring and recognizing achievement in Science and Technology.

FIRST Steamworks is Here!

It's Here! The 2017 Game Teaser!

Wow! It's finally here! This years brand-new game (or design challenge) has been partially-released! All that we know so far is that the game is called FIRST STEAMworks, and it appears to be Steam-Punk in style!

We can't wait to dress up in costumes for competition, and build a great steam-powered flying machine in the near future! Kickoff for this season is January 7th, 2017... we can barely contain our excitement! Look for us in the concord area in the near future - we're the ones with the wooden gear-powered flying machine!

Want to learn more about this years game? Check out FIRSTs official website for more details!

We can't wait to see you at competition!


Community comes FIRST

Community involvement is a large part of what we do as a team. We try to get people of all ages involved as much as possible - going to and hosting local events in the community at after-school programs, community days, club fairs, business-after-hours, and more.

Getting people involved means more than just playing with robots though. We encourage people of all ages to get curious, playful and thoughtful - things that all of our students embody. We encourage people of all ages to explore new things, and ask questions.

There is no wrong age for our fun outreach events! At every event we try to make sure we have enough space for students and adults to drive, as well as make ourselves available to answer any questions about the robot or our team. If you want to see us come to you, please don't hesitate to reach out to us!


Help Provide the Future

We depend on our corporate sponsorships to operate as a team. As a sponsor you can help students grow into the jobs of the future. You also get some pretty awesome benefits.

Want to help Tidal Force to succeed? Consider sponsoring the team! Check out our sponsorship information packet to learn what you can do to help!

We are so grateful for 2016's STRONGHOLD sponsors! Thank you all so much!

Join Today!

Students, start your robots!

Don't know how to build, program, design, prototype or have a blast? Don't worry, we can teach you! All new students are trained on the basics of building, programming, designing and prototyping during our off-season (September-Early January)! You can try a little bit of everything, or just focus on one thing - the choice is yours!

Being on a robotics team is a serious commitment, and should not be taken lightly. Our intensive build-season is only 6 weeks long, so we need as much time as you can give. That being said, most students do not exclusively do robotics - with sports, other afterschool activities, homework and a social life filling most students lives.

So, are you ready to have the hardest fun you've ever had?

Email the team captain, Amanda Enderson, to join the team!

Adults, we need you too!

We need team members of all ages! Even adults can be on the team as mentors. A mentor helps to teach students and inspire their growth. Mentors are usually people from the field (engineers, programmers, etc.), but anyone can be a mentor!

Mentorship can include everything from helping to build and design the robot to ordering pizza on late nights. Anyone can mentor, as long as they are ready to become a professional role-model.

Email the President of Concord Robotics, Nate Cordova, to become a mentor!

Get in Touch

Need to talk to us?

Need to get in touch with the team captain Amanda Enderson? Email her:

Need to get in touch with the assistant captain? Email him:

Need to get in touch with our Non-Profit President? Email him:

Or, you can send us some snail-mail: Concord Robotics ATTN: Amanda Enderson, P.O. Box 2122. Concord, NH. 03302