Millennium Toaster

Meet Our 2019 Robot: Millennium Toaster!

Millennium Toaster is the FIRST Robotics Competition robot built by Team 1721 for the 2019 season. Millennium Toaster (affectionately called “Millie” in the shop) is designed to be fully capable of filling a rocket on it’s own.

Specialization: Full Rocket

Status: Out of Service

Weight: 124lbs

Frame Size: 29.5″ x 31″

Drive Train: 2 speed, 8-wheel West Coast drive, driven by 6 CIMs.

Elevator: Cascade style, driven by 2 775pros, rope in tube.

Intake: Mecanum intake, powered by 1 775pro

Iris: Multi-functional game piece manipulator, powered by 4 pneumatic cylinders.

Source Code: 1721 DeepSpace

CAD Model

2019 Reveal Video