Tetris Toaster

Meet Our 2018 Robot: Tetris Toaster!

Tetris Toaster is the FIRST Robotics Competition robot built by Team 1721 for the 2018 season. Tetris Toaster is designed to be fully capable of filling a vault on it’s own, and climb the scale field element. 

Specialization: Vault and Climber
Status: Out of Service
Weight: 119.9lbs
Frame Size: 33″ x 28″
Drive Train: Single-speed, 6-wheel plate drive powered by 2 CIMs
Elevator: Continuous-style elevator with 1 775Pro motor.
​Intake: Pneumatically clamping compliant wheel intake powered with 2 775 Redline motors.
Climber: Drum-style climber with winch powered by 2 775Pro motors. Rope ran through lift while remaining independent.
Source Code:1721 Power Up