Hungry Toaster

Meet Our 2017 Robot: Hungry Toaster!

Hungry Toaster is the FIRST Robotics Competition robot built by Team 1721 for the 2017 season. Hungry Toaster is designed to run gears to the airship at an average of 7 cycles per match, and climb every match.

Specialization: Gears & Climbing
Status: Out of Service
Weight: 96lbs
Frame Size: 29″ x 31″
Drive Train: Single-speed 6 wheel plate drive, driven by 2 CIMs. 
Climber: Unique gypsy-style climber, uses no knots or Velcro, powered by 1 CIM in a worm reduction
Gear Manipulator: Passive gear manipulator is as wide as the robot for maximum contact area.
Ball shooter: Single stream ball shooter, designed for tiebreakers.
Source Code:1721 Steamworks